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OrganicSpa Stay-in Treatments for your Skin

There is no doubt we are in the midst of crazy times, globally.

Of upmost importance right now is the health and wellbeing of our community.  While you cannot get to see your favourite salon and are spending time at home away from others, indulge in a stay-in skin treatment that will give you the benefit of beautifully maintained complexion and a little all important self-care.  Scroll down to find your skin type or condition and the Stay-in Skin Treatment to follow.  Slow down, nourish your mind, body, skin and soul.  Enjoy.

Check your favourite stockist for an online store, reach out for a bespoke professional consultation and regime.  Certified Organic, nutrient-rich and blended with natural actives for optimum results.

Finally, it may not feel like it right now, but this too will pass.  Now, put the kettle on – combination skin info below, please see further blogs for other skin types.

Combination skin 

Is this you? The most common skin type. This complexion has a mixture of dry and oily areas. Often skin is more shiny/oily in the T- zone section (centre panel, forehead through to chin ) and dryer on the cheeks, but this can also be reversed.

  1. Cleanse – If your skin is combination/oily  use Foam Cleanser – shake bottle and dispense 1-2 pumps into hands and massage thoroughly into skin, remove with cleansing cloth.  If however skin is combination/dry use Cream Cleanser – Apply 1 pump to hands and massage into face, adding a few drops of water to evenly disperse, remove with cleansing cloth. Repeat if wearing makeup
  2. Tone – Mist 3-4 pumps of Toning Mist over skin whilst closing eyes
  3. Exfoliation – dispense a 10c piece size of Face Exfoliant into hands and apply in circular motions to face, neck and décolletage, adding a little water to spread easier. Leave the mask on 5 minutes to assist with deep cleansing and absorbing impurities. Remove with a cleansing cloth, adding a little water to soften product first if it has dried a little
  4. Tone – Mist 3-4 pumps of Toning Mist over skin whilst closing eyes
  5. Mask – use the Clay Mask and spread in a thin, even layer over face and neck. Avoid eye area. Allow to activate for 10 minutes. Whilst mask is activating enjoy your favourite tea or relax with a book.  Again, remove with a cleansing cloth, adding a little water to soften product first if it has dried a little. Alternatively use Cream Mask if skin is a little more combination dry- apply all over face, neck and décolletage, include eye contour as this mask is fantastic to hydrate and smooth fine lines
  6. Tone – Mist 3-4 pumps of Toning Mist over skin whilst closing eyes
  7. Serum – Apply ¼ pump of Vitamin C Serum over face, neck and décolletage
  8. Eyes – Apply recommended eye product – ( Eye Gel, Eye Balm, Eye Treat ) pea sized amount around eye contour
  9. Moisturise- Apply 2 pumps of Day Moisture to face, neck and décolletage
  10. Blemishes – Apply a tiny drop of Blemish Control directly onto blemishes
  11. Beauty Balm – select colour to suit your skin tone – Fair or Medium, use ¼ pump and apply to the centre of the face and blend outwards, add more if needed
  12. Lips – Soothe Balm – a tiny drop helps heals dry lips and promotes a gloss effect for beautiful lips.
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