Black Chicken Remedies / ICU – Intensive Care Eye Serum


Black Chicken Remedies / Beard Oil


Don’t need a beard to use our beard oil

It’s true! Think of our beard oil like ‘man oil’. It’s good for all those itchy skin, dry jawline and frizzy facial hair symptoms most men don’t like talking about.

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Black Chicken Remedies / ICU - Intensive Care Eye Serum


15 ml

All eyes on you

Like your smile, your eyes have the power to brighten a room and clearly convey how you’re feeling. So keep them looking radiant, fresh and full of life with our intensive care eye serum.

Our highly potent yet lightweight serum improves elasticity and helps to regenerate skin cells. This is especially important as the skin around your eyes is 7-10 x thinner than the skin on your face. Providing a soothing and refreshing feeling it instantly revitalises under-eyes. Developed to address fine lines, wrinkles, restore and retain moisture as well as soothe the skin’s surface naturally.

Weight 81 g
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 11.5 cm